The Gladiator is a Film set in 180 AD about a man called Maximus, It depicts Maximus’s fall from the protector of Rome to what can only be described as when your rock bottom has a trap door, as his family is brutally slaughtered, he himself is almost murdered. He somehow moves from this […]

A clockwork orange and Brave New World similarities= 1.Confusion= As a reader I can kind of tell whats going on but not quite which makes me confused. For example Brave new world I’m aware that whatever that is happening is taking place in a high story building and that its in a laboratory, and that […]

The plot                                                                                                           […]

Commonalities The Hand maidens tale, nineteen eighty four, A clock world orange -All start in common day in their lives -normal day for them, although for reader not normal -Something confusing, kind of uncomfortable strange. That doesn’t make sense. Clock work orange-drugs and rape, Nineteen eighty four- being watched. Hand maidens tale-   being taken, […]

Throughout history tragedy has been a big part of theatre. It has been popular even in ancient greek times, where it has said to have originated from. To this day it still has a great effect on us, we naturally want their to be happy endings, For the storyline to be wrapped up neatly like […]

The tragic here-origins, examples, evolution, role in literature? origins- it first appeared in greak literature, the most popular being Sophocles and Euripides. example- it is the protagonist of a tragedy and based on the outline that aristotle defined. The outline is that the hero of a tragedy must evoke a sense of pity or fear within […]

Ideas Three times characters made choices that went against the natural order of things. quotes of them doing it whether or not they deserved the punishment for doing that, General and Regan not looking after their father after he gave them his kingdom in all but title.                 […]

1.There are many references to nature and fortune. In this scene. Make a list of all the quotes [not just the speeches the relevant bits] that refer to either of these words. I am the natural fool of fortune   Looking at all of the quotes for each word, explain the common message that is […]

1- TRANSCRIBE THE SPEECH -You are not worth even the flecks of dust that blow in your face. I fear your nature. A person that condems what it comes from. Cannot be of the right mind. You will be cut off from yourself. -What is right to someone that sees things wrongly wont see what […]

Look at Act 3, scene 1, lines 4-14 what impression of lear does the gentleman give? A very tortchured man, that seems to both be fighting an inner battle but a battle against the elements at the same time. use evidence to support your answer ad explain the specific images he uses to create the […]