Looking back on Act One, make a timeline that identifies the major highlights of the action. Ensure that any events you include are significant and that you have explained what happened in them substantially.

beginning- king lear announces that he will split up his kingdom for his daughters depending on how well they can articulate their love for him. His daughter Cordelia says through an aside asking herself whether she should say she loves him through her empty announcement prove her lack of love for him. or stay silent and love him the most. She choices the later and gets banished. So does the kings most trusted advisor. both for speaking the truth. The king’s mental health is questioned.

Middle- Kent puts himself back in the king’s good graces dressed up as someone else. The fool makes fun of the king. Something with another member of the courts two sons and getting mixed up about which of them is honest or not.

End-  the king gradually realizes that at least one of his daughters isn’t going to do his bidding anymore know that she has power. Little does he know that both his daughter that he gave his power to have no wish to include him in their lives

Keeping Track of the Action

In order to keep up with the events in the play, answer the following questions. Where you can, use evidence from the play to support your answer.

At the end of scene 1, Goneril and Regan discuss their father’s behavior. What does this dialogue add to our knowledge of the two sisters, their father and the relationships in the family?

That they are incredibly dysfunctional and that Goneril and regan dont like him.

How does Edmund set his trap for Gloucester and Edgar?


Is there anything in particular that ensures it is successful? Gloucester seems to believe Edmund and end ups condpiring with him to figure out whether he has been betrayed by the other son.

How does Goneril believe Lear is behaving now he has abdicated his power?  badly she doesnbt like how his men are acting shes aware that theirs, been drinking, hooking up and that a bunch of other behaviour that she looks down on is going on.

What does she intend to do about it  force lear to not have that going on because she has all the power therefore he has to now abide by her rule.(scene

Explain the situation in scene 4. What is making Goneril so angry with her father? Do you think that Lear is the victim in this scene? Why/why not? Goneral is getting angry because her father is not listening to her a being very difficult. I dont think king lear is the victom because he is not acting very normal and is hitting people and just being and all around not great presence in the scene.

What is the fool trying to tell Lear in scene 5? The fool is trying to say that lear is no longer a king but is still trying to act like one. he is making fun of the king himself and his situation.

Language Devices

Shakespeare uses a range of language devices in this opening act. We have already covered dramatic irony. Now think about metaphor. Some of the traits of the characters are developed through this device.

Find 3 examples of metaphor in the first act and explain what they reveal about the character they are directed at.

Metaphor example one- ”the vines of france and milk of burgandy strive to be interest” hes referring to cordelias two suiters. this shows what the two places the suitors come from are known for producing and also gives them an air of importance, Because hes referring to them like their there whole country.

Metaphor example two- ”My train are men of choice and rarest parts” hes talking abour he views his men who walk in a sort of train type style as people of greatness. Which is a direct contrast to how goneril sees them.

Metaphor example three- “a fox when one has caught her and such a daughter”  the fool is saying that his daughter is evil. which is quite deep insight.


For the characters below, find a quote in the play that best summarizes their personality and agenda so far. Explain why you have chosen the quote you have.

King Lear- ”Does anyone here no me? This is not lear. Does Lear walk thus? speaks thus? Where are his eyes? Either his notion weakens, or his discernings Are letharigied – sleeping or waking? Ha! sure ’tis not so!” This shows his personality quite well because it shows his privilege and that has used to having people do what he says without questioning him. it also shows his further agenda because we know now that he is having problems with the way people are treating him now that he has no power.

Cordelia- ”







The Fool- ”then tis like the breath of an unfeed lawyer- you gave me nothing for it. Can you make no use of nothing, nuncle” The fool is saying that he isn’t being paid or treated properly? Therefore he will say not much or whatever he wants to say for their is no benefit to him from his words. I reckon this is a good quote because he speaks a lot of truth to lear in the next few lines. being aware of his motives are helpful. It also gives us insight into him as a person because he must be to some level quite wise.

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  1. Kine, Your timeline has all the basic events outlined. How can you make sure that all of information is specific and detailed enough for you to come back to later on?
    Specifically, think about how you have described the subplot that is introduced in S2, A1.

    In the task ‘Keeping Track of the Action’,your answers are very brief. Look for areas that you can expand on. An effective way to do this Is to add evidence to any points that you make and explain how that evidence proves your point.

    Again, in the ‘Language Devices” task, your answers and analysis is quite brief. Can you think of a way to expand this? Are these metaphors important to the development of characters? If so, explain this further.

    You have chosen an interesting quote for Lear’s character and I agree that shows his personality and response to not being ignored. Do you also think that he is saying something else in this quote? What other meaning could be gained from this passage?


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