14th June 2018

Dystopian first page


The Hand maidens tale, nineteen eighty four, A clock world orange

-All start in common day in their lives

-normal day for them, although for reader not normal

-Something confusing, kind of uncomfortable strange. That doesn’t make sense. Clock work orange-drugs and rape, Nineteen eighty four- being watched. Hand maidens tale-   being taken, touched.

-The main character is introduced

-first person, limited third person, first person.

-sensory, imagery

-Not big picture, moment present. Living it with character.- I interest remains within the storyline, in that moment with character you want to continue.Allows us to think that things can happen.

-Discomfort. Some use of a word wrongly or made up word.- breaks down are easy assumptions about whats being said to us. Stops us from being comfortable with what were seeing.

That makes it so theirs something different about the place. That somethings going on. -alinates, familiar but also unfamiliar, connections to our current world. Which results in us seeing the audianary in a new light.



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