I think that lear is being super dramatic. He has given his power over to his daughters. What did he expect? I think he is a bit delusional and views himself above people which is why he is reacting so badly to the change.  The way in which he talked to his daughter in one of the scenes prior about him wanting her to be barren and rot. Was a horrible emotionally damaging thing to say. He is a grown man and should know better. His maturity level doesn’t seem to be that high. To say something such as ”i am a man more sinned against than sinning” is adopting a victim type complex. He is placing all the blame on everyone. So that he can  not take any responsibility for whats happening and how he can develop himself as a person. Therefore i just cannot agree with that statement because it the easy way out of a situation that he is still not seeing properly. Its a narsistic view and will not only not help him because you can change what you don’t believe needs changing but at the same time can do nothing but further take him away from reality.

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