1.There are many references to nature and fortune. In this scene. Make a list of all the quotes [not just the speeches the relevant bits] that refer to either of these words. I am the natural fool of fortune   Looking at all of the quotes for each word, explain the common message that is […]

1- TRANSCRIBE THE SPEECH -You are not worth even the flecks of dust that blow in your face. I fear your nature. A person that condems what it comes from. Cannot be of the right mind. You will be cut off from yourself. -What is right to someone that sees things wrongly wont see what […]

Look at Act 3, scene 1, lines 4-14 what impression of lear does the gentleman give? A very tortchured man, that seems to both be fighting an inner battle but a battle against the elements at the same time. use evidence to support your answer ad explain the specific images he uses to create the […]

The body’s delicate. The tempest in my mind. Doth from my senses take all feeling else save what beats there. -I guess he’s trying to say that his sanity is becoming questionable. And something within him is causing chaos in his head? Like he’s aware of it. But powerless to do anything about it. -this […]

I think that lear is being super dramatic. He has given his power over to his daughters. What did he expect? I think he is a bit delusional and views himself above people which is why he is reacting so badly to the change.  The way in which he talked to his daughter in one […]

I am taking the classical stance. He is a king which means that he’s the closest to god than any other human being around him. If we are taking into consideration the divine being belief system that everyone was taking on at the time.  he is above everyone. therefore any sin that he would have […]

What is it? The great chain of being is a structure in which people ran their lives by that was about all matter and life. It was a hierarchical system. Founded by Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus and Proclus. Further developed in the middle ages then hit full bloom at the time of Neoplatonism. Which is a philosophy […]

When he is told that Regan and Cornwall put Kent in the stocks, Lear battles with Kent about it. Look into the use of the aullsion below and explain why Lear might swear on Jupiter and what this could reflect about his conception of his own power as King. .I think that means that he […]

Looking back on Act One, make a timeline that identifies the major highlights of the action. Ensure that any events you include are significant and that you have explained what happened in them substantially. beginning- king lear announces that he will split up his kingdom for his daughters depending on how well they can articulate […]

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