21st August 2018


Ideas – over the last five years events that have shaped me as a person.

-Hostel- adapting to a new and unique situation

hostel- more specifically living with people having house mates- Seeing people my age all the time so seeing sides to them i wouldn’t normally see, getting over a disagreement. 

Working at makana having an awful boss that treated me badly, understanding negative work environments. having to much respect for myself to continue to work in said environment

-ADD- discovering that i wasn’t lazy or stupid and being able to reclaim my learning in a way that specifically suited me and helped me.

-Madam who had add- talking to someone who didn’t live a typical lifestyle, that also struggled with the same learning disorder i did.

-[thing to consider]- was able to see my self and my actions without bias i could not trick myself to see myself as any way but what i actually was 

Retirement village- how at the end of the day all you really have left are the memories and the knowledge that you did stuff 

-Having super religious culty friends


-Makana- how easily a workplace can become dysfunctional, the importance of supporting each other in places that aren’t quite right, 

-Housemates- Spending time with people different from me changed my perspective on life, having a disagreement or two and working through it, learning support and having each others backs,  

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